Eclair.2 - Twin Ewe Lamb

Born: 04.25.10 at Fat Robin Orchard & Farm

Dam: Eclair out of: Sire: Target (Corriedale x Merino)
Dam: Tabetha (Purebred CVM Romeldale)
Sire: (Stud) Muffin out of: Sire: Ramsey (1/2 Spotted Corriedale, 1/4 Purebred CVM, 1/4 Romney)
Dam: Subey (3/4 Romney, 1/4 Romeldale)

This ewe lamb is extremely sweet and quiet. She was born second as a triplet, and came out good-sized, strong, and all white. She has nice conformation with no discernable flaws. Her fleece is longish, lovely and soft, with a medium crimp. She carries "spotted" genetics.

Who me? (She wore her wool on on her throat when she was younger looking for "greener" grass through the fence.)

The little white odd ball of her little family unit.

Eclair.2 just has the nicest proportions, sturdy legs, and nice body.

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Dam: Eclair
was a shy but lovely, petite ewe with amazingly fine wool.

Sire: Muffin
is a well-built ram with silver to pewter fleece and a sweet disposition.