CreamPuff.12.2 - Twin Ram Lamb

Born: 04.05.12 at Fat Robin Orchard & Farm
Dam: CreamPuff out of: Sire: Guardian (Merino)
Dam: Marbel (1/2 Romney, 1/2 CVM)
Sire: (Stud) Muffin out of: Sire: Ramsey (1/2 Spotted Corriedale, 1/4 Purebred CVM, 1/4 Romney)
Dam: Subey (3/4 Romney, 1/4 Romeldale)

This ram lamb and his twin are personality-plus, gregarious and inquisitive. This boy more strongly resembles his ram, and is all boy. He has good conformation with no discernable flaws and long, strong legs. His fleece is lovely and soft, with a somewhat tighter crimp, much like his mother's.

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Dam: CreamPuff
is a very sweet doe-eyed ewe with a very fuzzy top knot

Sire: Muffin
is a well-built ram with silver to pewter fleece and a sweet disposition.