Cupcake12.1 - Triplet Ram Lamb

Born: 03.15.12 at Fat Robin Orchard & Farm
Dam: Cupcake out of: Sire: Lemar (Purebred Romney)
Dam: Chinook (~100% Spotted Corriedale)
Sire: Handsome Boy* out of: Sire: (Stud)Muffin (1/4 Spotted Corriedale, 1/8 Purebred CVM, 1/8 Romeldale, 1/2 Romney)
Dam: Shortcake (CVM x Merino)

This very handsome and inquisitive ram lamb was born first of triplets, and came out good-sized, strong, and pure black. He resembles is his very strongly. He has nice conformation with no discernable flaws. He is very gregarious and sweet with a lovely disposition. His fleece is lovely and soft, with a medium loose crimp.

* Handsome Boy is one of last year's ram lambs. He stayed with us until the fall and, at one point, jumped the fence to "visit" with his aunties. He and CupCake are unrelated. CupCake's triplets this year are the result.


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Dam: Cupcake
is a lovely, sturdy girl with fabulous brown soft curly locks and a big "pack-a-day" voice.

Sire: Handsome Boy