Jennie 14.1 - Triplet Ram Lamb

Born: 04.16.14 at Fat Robin Orchard & Farm
Dam: Jennie out of: Sire: Coopworth
Dam: Friesen
Sire: (Stud) Muffin out of: Sire: Ramsey (1/2 Spotted Corriedale, 1/4 Purebred CVM, 1/4 Romney)
Dam: Subey (3/4 Romney, 1/4 Romeldale)

This handsome ram lamb seems to have all the best qualities of both his dam and sire. He was born a first as a triplet, and came out good-sized, strong, and white with lovely pink nose. He has very nice conformation with no discernable flaws, is good-sized and robust with long legs. He is friendly and inquisitive, but with a little more serious nature than his siblings. His fleece is lovely and soft, with a medium crimp and moderate length.

Two Month Fleece

Four month fleece


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Dam: Jennie
is a perfect combination of the best of her Friesen and Coopwoorth genetics.

Sire: Muffin
is a well-built ram with silver to pewter fleece and a sweet disposition.

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