Butch ~ wether

Born: 04.08 at Hansen Orchards
Dam: 100% Suffolk
Sire: Jack (Coopworth)

Butch is a suffolk/coopworth cross that came to Fat Robin as an orphaned twin at about one month. Butch has an almost black face, save for a heart-shaped patch in his forehead and a smudge of white on his nose. He is our reticent boy, not too comfortable being touched, but always front and center for his dinner or a snack. His fleece is classic Suffolk wool, relatively short, white, medium, with no discernable crimp. He is twins with Sundance. When they were lambs, they were nick-named "the Hooligans" due to their riotous and comical nature. They've calmed down quite a bit since then. Butch and Sundance also are half-brothers to Forrest on their sire's side.

Butch with a new haricut



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