CreamPuff ~ Ewe

Born: 01.31.08 at Crosspatch Creations
Dam: Marbel out of: Sire: Geoff (CVM)
Dam: Molly (Romney)
Sire: Guardian out of: Sire: Sentinel (Bliss Merino)
Dam: Big Mama (Bliss Merino)

CeamPuff is a white fluffball of a ewe with romney-type white wool, with open crimp, good length and very nice fineness. She was born a twin. She has nice conformation with no discernable flaws. She is friendly, sweet girl, with the lovliest brown doe-eyes, beautiful golden lashes and a crinkly nose.

She has lambed five years in a row. Her babies are always a decent size and exceedingly healthy.

CupCake in full fleece.

CupCake newly sheared and very preggers

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