Forrest ~ wether

Born: 04.08 at Hansen Orchards
Dam: 1/2 Suffolk, 1/2 Columbia
Sire: Jack (Coopworth)

Forrest was our first lamb, a bummer and "gift" from a neighbor. He is ¼ Suffolk, ½ Coopworth and ¼ Columbia. After a very shaky beginning including pneumonia, scours and a full month living indoors, he has become a robust adult wether, a real love, and our sweetest boy. He has an adorable speckled face and legs. His fleece is longer than his genetics would suggest, and is a lovely creamy color, soft, with a loose crimp. He is definitely his momma's boy and loves to hang with the ewes. Butch and Sundance are half-brothers to Forrest on their sire's side.

Forrest in full fleece

Forrest with a new haricut


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