We are blessed to share our farm with eight sheep, two wethers and six ewes. We have grown up together: them from lambs to adults, and us into shepherds.

The purpose of our flock is twofold. First, to provide us with grazing and direct fertilization; and second to provide us with their wonderful wool for our own use, and for sale to knitters and spinners. Our spring-born lambs are available for purchase in the late summer.

Our sheep enjoy a robust diet of orchard grasses and forbes, hay, culled fruit and a little bit of rolled barley, dried molasses, and flax gleanings. They also enjoy the occassional cracker or cookie and lots of scratches on their chests and behind their ears. Albert calls them the "best tasting sheep that will never be eaten."

By clicking below, you can meet the sheep, or explore their wool products.


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