Sundance ~ wether

Born: 04.08 at Hansen Orchards
Dam: 100% Suffolk
Sire: Jack (Coopworth)

Sundance is a suffolk/coopworth cross that came to Fat Robin as an orphaned twin at about one month. Butch has a grayish-brown face and legs. He is our alpha wether boy, a real ham and extremely friendly. His fleece is classic Suffolk wool, relatively short, white, medium, with no discernable crimp. He is twins with Butch. When they were lambs, they were nick-named "the Hooligans" due to their riotous and commical nature. They've calmed down quite a bit since then. Butch and Sundance also are half-brothers to Forrest on their sire's side.

Sundance with a new haricut


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