Orchard closed for the 2019 cherry season. Click for "Harvest Time" details.

About Us


Fabulous Organic Fruit. Cute Sheep.

Our family-run orchard overlooking Flathead Lake has existed since the 1930s. Our specialty is organic sweet cherry varietals and now tart cherries. We also grow Macintosh and a few heirloom Wealthy apples, planted by the homesteader's sister, Elsie, back in the '30s.

We raise sheep in the orchards and enjoy the company of our permanent flock of six and their lambs in season. We offer sheep and their wool for sale when available.


Visit the farm. Admire the views. Pet the sheep.

During harvest times in the mid-summer and fall, we invite you to visit the farm to pick your own fruit, admire the views, and pet the sheep. 

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Oh, and those yummy cherry products!

Not everyone can make it out to the orchard and what happens after the season is over? Check out our products and bring a little of the farm home to you. We've perfected unsweetened dried sweet cherries, an amazing Cherry Reduction, an oh-so-sophisticated Cherry Wine Vinegar, and an eclectic line of limited run "artisanal" jams and jellies. Now you never have to go without your Fat Robin fruit fix.

Contact Us

We love our customers, and invite you to visit during the picking season during normal business hours. Other times, please make an appointment to visit us. (If you don't see any hours listed here, the orchard is closed for the off-season.)

Fat Robin Orchard & Farm

34126 S Finley Point Rd, Polson, MT 59860, USA

(406) 887-2869


Due to an unfortunate weather event, the orchard will not be open to the public for the 2019 cherry season. Sorry!

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