Harvest 2018

All Done for 2018

After three very busy days of u-pick, we are finished for the season. We will continue to clean out the orchard but our intrepid customers have picked out all of the cherries available to you and them. Thank you to those of you who were able to join us during these fine picking days. And for those of you who missed out, please join us next year! Several folks have asked about other orchards and u-picking opportunities and the best we can offer is to suggest that you make your way up the East Shore and look for signs on the road. It is our understanding that several orchards have signs out, but we do not know who they are and are still too busy with our own work to find them for you.

Our plan next year is to offer u-pick by appointment only for each of the days that we hope to be open. Watch this space next summer for information about when and how you can schedule a time with us.

For future cherry harvests, the following information remains and you can always get in touch with us for pitted and frozen or dried cherries and other farm products. In a short time, you will be able to purchase our value-added products direct from this website.

All the information you need to get here and the "rules" for picking are listed below. Cheers! Thanks and see you soon.

Here are the particulars:

  • We are normally open for u-pick on weekends, or during the week by appointment. Our normal hours for u-pick are 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. After that, it is just too warm for humans and cherries in the orchard. 
  • Please do not come to the orchard during the week and hope to get in to pick. We will be busy with our commercial harvest and won’t have time to take care of you.
  • U-pick sweet cherries sell for $1.50/#. Pie cherries sell for $2/# u-pick.
  • The available cherries are Lapins on our younger dwarfing trees and Lamberts on our venerable old full-sized trees. There are no Rainier cherries available for u-pick. Two varieties of pie cherries are available this year. 
  • Most of the fruit is easily reached from the ground. If you feel you need some help, please do not bring a step-stool with more than three steps. We are not allowed to provide you with ladders. Note that if you bring and use a step-stool, you are assuming all liability for its use.
  • We have small buckets and picking bins for your use, but if you have a favorite picking container, please feel free to bring and use it. We simply ask that you allow us to weight it before you start picking cherries.
  • We need you to bring adequate containers to take your fruit home. We are no longer providing bags or boxes in order to conserve planetary resources.
  • Our orchards are host to lots of beneficial insects and the occasional wasp or bee. Dress accordingly, wear a hat, use sunscreen, and drink water. We are trying a new orchard floor management scheme and there are chopped prunings on the ground, so we recommend closed-toe shoes.
  • Your children are welcome and are a main reason we open for u-pick, but they are not allowed to climb the trees and we ask that you keep them with you, within a tree's distance, at all times. And please, no children on any ladders. (We know you would never let your kids climb our trees or ladders or wonder off but other people do and we need to remind them.)
  • We prefer if you leave your dog(s) at home, but if you must bring them with you, we require that you have them on a leash at all times and are prepared to clean up after them should the need arise. Loose dogs make the sheep and other orchard guests very nervous. (Those other people, again.) Due to new Federal food safety guidelines, we can no longer allow you to take your dogs into the orchards. 
  • We happily accept cash or checks. We can take credit cards but prefer not to.
  • Finally, please verify that we are open before coming out to the orchard. Things can change suddenly on a farm, and we want you to have a positive and memorable experience with us filled with LOTS of cherries. So make sure we are open with fruit available. Call 406.887.2869 , visit our Facebook page, email us or check back here.

If you've never been to the orchard, here are directions:

From Polson take Hwy 35 north six miles to Finley Point Rd. Turn left. Just after you see the sign for Finley Point State Park, make a left onto South Finley Point Rd. Go 1/4 mile and pass the cherry packing plant. We are the first dirt road past the packing plant on your right. Go to the top of the hill and come in our gate on your left. During u-pick season, we will have our "Fat Robin Organic Orchard & Farm" sign out South Finley Point Rd to guide you. There may be hand-painted u-pick signs on the highway and right after you turn onto Finley Point Rd. That is NOT us. If you are coming to Fat Robin, pass those signs and follow the directions above.

From Big Fork take Hwy 35 South approximately 25 miles to Finley Point Rd. Turn right and follow the directions above. 

Google Maps will bring you here but many GPS systems won't. GPS may take you someplace else, which will be a nice diversion, but won't get you any of our yummy cherries.

Any questions? Need to make an appointment? What to find a "drop" close to you. Or order cherries? Call 406.887.2869 (no earlier than 7 a.m. or later than 9 p.m., please) or email us at info@fatrobinorchard.com.

Be a friend! Bring a friend! Tell a friend!

Some of our smallest pickers end up with more cherry on the outside than the inside.

Some of our smallest pickers end up with more cherry on the outside than the inside.